Hybrid Golf Clubs For Women

Usually the clubs that you will enjoy hitting time after time and the clubs that you go to in a pinch, will be a hybrid club. The hybrid club was built to hit off the fairway with ease and also a great club to hit when in the rough, because the gliding path that this club takes when you swing it. However, if you have never hit a hybrid club before, these clubs need to be practiced at the range before you go to the course.hybrid club

One does not go from hitting fairway irons to hitting hybrid clubs just like that, you truly do need to go to the range and work on hitting these clubs off the rough, in a bad lie, etc. These clubs are wonderful but you have to know how to hit them as well. Saying that, these clubs are not hard to hit, but different from your fairway irons for sure.

One of the first things you want to do is pick which irons you want to replace with the hybrid clubs, then you will have to match with the corresponding hybrid clubs, like if you want to trade in a 3 iron for a hybrid, the hybrid club you would choose would also be a 3, or a 3H.

What Is The Difference When Hitting Hybrid Clubs

. I guess here is where I am going to tell you women out their that hitting a hybrid club instead of your 3, 5, and or 7 iron is a lot easier, once you have practiced on the range with the hybrids. I think I am speaking for every woman out their when I say that hitting long iron shots from the fairway or worse yet from the rough it is no easy task and takes a lot of skill and strength to do so.

Hybrids a while back were known as “rescue clubs” the name fits what the hybrid club still does, which is rescue you when you are in the rough or just have a bad lie on the fairway.rescue club

The hybrid club combines both of the characteristics of an iron and a fairway wood in to one club. They have a shorter shaft, smaller club head and more loft than an iron or a fairway wood. This allows for a more controlled and accurate shot because of the face of the club has a defined and bigger sweet spot. You will get loft, so less run from your ball after it hits the green. These clubs are also easier to hit because they glide along the ground and you do not have to hit down on them as you would for an iron shot. Less strength yet more club head speed and power from this club.

Hybrid clubs are numbered the same as your irons, if you want to replace a 3 iron, you will want to get a 3 Hybrid club, which is a 3H.

Callaway Hybrid Clubs For Women

Callaway is one of the top brands in golf out their right now. When I say that Callaway makes a great set of Hybrid clubs for women it is the truth. I really enjoy my 5H Callaway XR, it is one of the best clubs that I have ever used, it truly has saved me many strokes from being in the rough and able to get out in one shot. Unlike a 3 iron or even a 3 wood from the rough, you do not get the loft that you get with this hybrid club.CALLAWAY XR

I will not promote any product on my website without thoroughly investigating the product or purchasing the product before I promote it on my website. I just want you to be aware of that. This is why I really feel confident in the Callaway brand and most all that they make and sell.

Amazon offers a Callaway Golf set for $364.67, you can get this wonderful golf set for yourself or if you men out their that are reading this post want to get the woman in their life something that will get them outside to exercise and have fun days with their friends, or even play golf with you. This is the golf set you want to get. Here is a list of some items in this wonderful bag:

1) Titanium shaft driver

2) Very forgiving fairway wood, built for long flying high fairway shots

3) Hybrids/irons/wedges, stainless steel hybrids and irons

4) Putter-Precise face milling design for accuracy and distance control.

5) Last but not least you will get an amazing Callaway golf bag which is lightweight, modern look, convenient pockets, tee holders and an easy to carry back strap

Amazon also has a promotion if you purchase anything over $25 the shipping and handling are free.

Callaway Women XR Hybrid

There is only 15 left in stock with this club. I also have this club in my bag, The 5H, has a 25 degree lofts. This Callaway hybrid club comes with a next generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup, which of course gives you more distance and forgiveness with this club.CALLAWAY XR

This style of club also comes in two other Callaway hybrid clubs that Amazon has, which are the 4H with a 22 degree loft, and also they have the 6H 28 degree lofts. I have not tried either one of these clubs yet, but I am sure that the quality of these clubs is comparable to the 5H, 25 degree loft clubs that I have.


Rock Bottom Golf

These products are shipped and sold by Rock Bottom Golf, which is a wonderful Golf Store who offers discounts on most of their products such as the Callaway XR Hybrid/ 5H.

Rather than going to Rock Bottom Golf and purchase from them, I have found that their is a few glitches in the payment system. This is why I would rather go through Amazon, which I know has taken care of the easy payment and shipment part of your purchase.


Women when looking to replace your irons with either a new set of clubs or just replace your irons with hybrid clubs. I have given you some links to take callaway golf bagyou to Amazon where you can purchase the whole set or just one or two hybrid clubs for your bag. The 4H, 5H, and 6H, that is made by Callaway are the best-selling hybrid clubs out their today. I don’t know about you but I am getting older and have been losing some of my strength that it takes to hit my irons, especially out of the rough. This is why I went and purchased the 5H XR from Callaway, it has made a huge difference in the way that I am hitting out of the rough and or just hitting from the fairway. The hybrid clubs are once again very forgiving and with the forged face cup you get more distance from your club.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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8 Replies to “Hybrid Golf Clubs For Women”

  1. These hybrid golf clubs look great! I can see why they are an excellent alternative to iron clubs, I don’t play much golf and even I can understand all what the product has to offer! Thanks for the great review, I will definitely recommend your site to other fellow golfers:)

  2. Hi! My mum just started golfing so I am doing some research for potential presents in the future.

    That was a lot of informations about hybrid clubs and I understood what the differences are but I am not sure in which situation a hybrid club is the best pick.

    Thanks your response!

    1. Thanks for the comment Manny, if your mom is just starting, a couple of hybrid clubs in her bag would definitely help her off the fairway and in the rough. If your mom has a hard time hitting her fairway irons or lower irons such as a 3, 4, 5, 6 iron then a couple of hybrid clubs be great for her. These clubs are a lot easier to hit then the irons I have listed above. The fact that they glide along the turf makes them very forgiving in case you hit the ball fat or thin and the loft that they get will not make the ball roll as much on the green when it lands. If you need to know anything else let me know.

  3. Hi there Bobbi,
    Just been surfing the net to find a 30th birthday present for the other half, She has always said she would love to get into golfing but it’s so expensive…. However these Galloway hybrids seem a fair price to me, is that the average price I’ll be looking for a set of golf clubs!?
    Thanks, Anthony.

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for stopping by, a new set of clubs usually runs between $300 to $1,500, so yes this set of clubs that I have here on my website is a very good price and from one of the best brands in golf out there, Callaway is a very respected brand with very high quality. I think this would be a great set of clubs for her to start with.

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