How To Hit Your Golf Irons

Today I thought I would share some tips on how to hit your golf irons-smoother, farther and with more accuracy than you did before. The difference between hitting your Driver and hitting iron shots, is like night and day.

Let’s get right into it. You are gonna want to take your club back nice and low, while keeping your posture in mind, with slightly bent knees, and a slight bend in your waist. On this shot you want to use your whole body turn to SMASH IT. Hitting down slightly on the ball at impact, you will most likely be taking a divot here. This is to be expected when hitting a full iron set up

You do not want to help the ball go up, but a sweeping down motion when hitting with your long irons. Take more club than you think, because when you take a divot (and you should) it will cost you a few yards-so Club Up!

Set your stance a little closer to the ball as the irons are a lot shorter than any of your woods, fairway and Driver.

Take a full sweeping back swing, across and then down on the ball, and then follow through with a great hold finish. Do not try to push up the ball the club, if hit right will do the work for you.

First Drill For Hitting Your Irons

Step up to to ball with your weight dispersed 50/50-Place ball in the middle of your stance. Take the club back with a shorter back swing with your spine angle behind the ball, which will make your back swing shorter. You also want to be shorter on follow through, this should help you keep your head still and no movement, so your eyes are on the ball impact. Keep eyes on the ball until after your follow through which will also be a little shorter. Make sure to feel your weight shift from the middle between your feet, and this will allow for you to shift from one foot to the other during your swing.practice swing stance

This is a good drill for keeping your stance and your feet narrow. Line up 4 or 5 balls on the range (depending on the room you have) and approach the ball with a narrow stance and remembering your slight bends in both your knees and waist. Moving quickly along to each ball hitting the individually, keeping all the mechanics in your head and focusing on just hitting the ball with a full swing and remember it is alright to take a divot. You want to repeat this drill up to five times with 4 or 5 balls in each round. This helps to create the muscle memory that you want when you go to the course to play.

Second Drill For Great Iron Shots

In order to get the concept of hitting downward on the ball when hitting iron shots is key to getting the skin you want on the ball and to create lofty on the ball. During your back swing have the shaft of your club straight in the middle, and during impact with the ball it should lean slightly forward and then come through with a full follow through.

Take a 2×4 and put your club head against it-slowly start to press-up against the 2×4 and you will feel your club slightly leaning forward during this aspect of the drill. This will give you the feeling of where your body needs to be before and during impact with the ball.2x4 When you get the sensation of how it should be-simply slide over to your golf ball on the ground. Hit the ball trying to replicate this lean forward before and on impact. Repeat this drill, first using the 2×4 and then hit the golf ball. The hands need to also be slightly ahead of the club head for this to be a great iron shot. Practice this drill at least 10 times, this will log into your muscle memory for the course.

Third Drill Is Right Hand Off After Impact

This drill is going to be exactly like it says in the header. After setting up and hitting the ball, right after impact let your right-hand go and then follow through with swing and of course if you are left-handed, let your left-hand go. This should give you the feeling of controlling the shaft and also feeling the lean into the impact of the ball before and after you hit the ball. I would perform this drill about 20 times to log it into your muscle memory, always focusing on the mechanics that we have gone through in last 2 drills as well as this one.Releasing right hand

This also a drill that I practice in the garage, with just your golf club, you do not want to hit a golf ball in or around your house. I always focus on leaning in to the swing upon impact and feeling the control; after, by letting go of your right hand and keeping your left-hand as straight as you can. This not only builds muscle memory but MUSCLE.

I do this drill in the off-season (winter) all the time and where ever I have enough room to swing a club. I might be a little of a fanatic when it comes to golf, but it is a huge part of my being.

Look At Some Golf Iron Sets Through Amazon

Now it is time to look at some golf iron sets that are of the highest quality and very reasonably priced through Amazon. The Brand names are very well-known and I have worked and or purchased from all of these companies before and will continue to.

The first set of golf irons I want to talk about is:

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(2) Callaway Men’s X Series 416 IronsCallaway Mens X series irons

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* Callaway Steel Uniflex Shaft plays between a regular and a stiff flex

(3) Wilson Golf-Staff D200 Irons (8 iron set), #4 iron-PW/GWWilson irons

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* Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face-to-sole transition, yielding a Driver like CT of 234. This cut-out allows the iron face to flex especially lower where most impacts occur, for external distances.

* The right light Technology, which uses the limited available mass to create a balanced, solid feeling club, allows distance players to swing faster with same effect.

* Weight Pods, heel and toe weight pods provide a large sweet spot and more forgiveness, a satin finish on the pods, show where the weight is positioned on the exterior of the club head.

* Premium components, recoil technology within the stock, UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Graphite Shaft optimizes the spring effect and promotes the most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip, to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.

(4) Cobra IR King F7 CL BK Steel Stiff #5 Iron-GW, Golf Iron Set, Right-handed and Left-handed cobra golf irons

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* Configuration: #5 Iron-PW/AW

* Power shell face more distance, more forgiving and more precise. A thinner, stronger face and sole structure delivers our large sweet zone ever with higher ball speeds and explosive distance.

* Zone weight-is satirically removed from the center of the club head and redistributed around the perimeter of the face and lower and further back

* One length set-makeup, constant length irons have been re-engineered for 7 iron

* Progressive Spin Technology-V-Grooves on the 3-6 irons, to reduce spin, U-Grooves on the 7-PW to optimize wedge-spaced groups on the GW and SW to produce extra spin for shots around the green

* 100% CNC Milleo Face and Grooves-CNC Milling improves groove structure and created to deliver maximum spin and trajectory throughout the set.


I hope that I have given you a few pointers on some drills that work for me. I have drills that you can do on the range and some that you can do from home. If you haven’t realized by now, I am all about practice, practice and more practice and then get out there and play. This will keep your swing in the best possible shape for when you hit the course.Practice swing

I also have a list of 4 of the best-selling iron golf-sets around, with top ranked brands that we have all heard of and trust. If you would like to purchase any of these sets, just click on the links for the club sets that best fit your style and brand.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below, and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Keep Golfing,






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  1. Great tips! I used to golf with my dad but haven’t gone for years and these tips will really come in handy. Great recommendations on clubs also!

  2. Very good post really liked it. One of my friend is crazy for golf and he really needs this informative article as you explained all the tips in a very good manner. I will share this article with him, he will get benefited by this information. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Wow this is an amazing page! Incredibly informational and some good tips to keep in mind for the next time I hit the course.
    Overall great site, keep up the hard work 🙂

    1. Thanks Art, appreciate the comment and if you ever need anything from me, just let me know and I will get it for you, or try to help get the answer for what you need. Thanks again

  4. I Had no idea about golf because never played before. But your sites provide such great tips on playing golf. I love the recommendation of the golf iron set because a newbie like me really had no idea about golf set. Keep it up and great work. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Jaden, I appreciate the comment and I hope you have got the golf bug and if so, let me know so that I can help you along your golf experiences. Keep in touch if you want to give it a shot.

    1. Thanks Owain, not that hard to do the let go of your right hand drill, once you practice it a couple of times, focusing on keeping your left arm straight, you can feel the control you will get from doing this drill regularly. I do not how long it took me, but anyone one can do these drills with time.

  5. I really enjoyed this! I’ve only been golfing, technically, only once. But I’ve recently met some new friends who are really into it… so I’ve been considering pretty heavily getting my own set of clubs, but I just wasn’t sure if they’d be worth the investment. They aren’t cheap! Great info and tips, thank you for sharing!

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