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This is an article about the perfect golf swing and what we need to do to achieve the swing results that we want. Today I want to go through a couple of different drills and tools that can help you get to that perfect golf swing and keep it through the golf season and into the winter months.gol swing

Swing Plane-What is this?

It is the vertical angle between the plane created by the golf club-heads’s geometric center during the bottom portion of the swing arc. This position is looked at from knee-high on the down swing to knee-high on follow through swing.

Finding Your Correct Swing Plane

Finding the correct swing plane for yourself is going to be different for everyone. You have to judge your height-what club you are using-If it is a Driver, the swing plane will be lower, and if you are using an iron of course the swing plane will be higher.

Poor swing plane will cause you to not only lose ball control, but also will cause you to lose power in your swing. This could cause you to lose10-15 yards off of distance on every club that you hit full swing.finding swing plane

It is very difficult to determine your own swing plane, but back in the day when we had video cameras, you could set them up on the range or what I used to do was get a friend or family member to hold it and video tape my swing. After getting the footage and reviewing it, by taking where the impact of the club-head to the ball and draw an imaginary line up through your torso, this is the way that I used to determine my swing plane.

You also want to watch the video back and look for your arc from your back swing knee to your follow through knee, this will determine your arc angle.

This is old school, it worked but it was a lot of work back in the day. Let’s take a look at a product where you can watch every practice swing that you hit and get the swing plane immediately without rewinding and going back through video.

Live View Golf Camera

What is Live View Golf Camera? It is a specialized camera that allows you to practice your golf plane swing independently, with no one manning the camera, it has digital swing mirror technology.

This camera has live stream video, with a 3-hour battery life, and wireless operation. Real time swing overlays shown from the free downloadable app.live view golf camera

It is compatible with Android, IOS and Amazon Kindle, the price for this amazing camera is a little pricey at $185.00 plus $4.77 shipping, but if you have the financial means to get one, it is definitely worth it.

Golf Impact Ball Mens Swing Plane Training Aid

This swing plane training aid only costs $37.90 with free shipping so it is a great aid that teaches you to use your arms, shoulders and torso in harmony to get the perfect swing plane. This swing trainer also comes in 3 different sizes. Small (juniors) medium (ladies) and large (men’s). This aid not only helps out with your Driver, but every club that you hit down to a chipping wedge, or pitching wedge and even your putter.impact ball

This is a simple and easy golf swing plane aid that works with every aspect of your game and will not break the bank when purchased.

Practice Harder And Smarter

When practicing on the range and working on your swing plane, take a practice swing first just like you would if you were on the course, before you deliberately hit your shot. I have mentioned this before in other articles that I have written, but it is such a huge part of creating and hitting the perfect plane and this will lead to the perfect swing with power and accuracy.

The range is where these practice techniques that you have learned are to practiced time and time again to create the muscle memory that you need for the course.golfer at the range

When practicing at home during the off season-take a bag (duffle bag or something similar and fill it about half full of clothes) and place it in front of your swing impact on your swing plane. You also want to lay another golf club down to where your feet will be right behind the club. This will keep you from moving your feet during your swing. You want to take a full swing making sure to hit the duffle bag in the middle, you will know if you pull a shot, the bag will turn in, and if you hit it good, the bag will go about 1 inch to the right, just because you are unable to follow through to lift the bag up. You want to make sure that you are swinging full watching your feet and keeping those hands still. This drill will increase golf swing speed and accuracy after getting your swing down. This is a great winter drill that I do all the time.duffle bag

You of course do not want to use a golf ball during this drill.

How To Play Well On The Course

First thing before you hit any shot on the course is you want to stand and get that imaginary line or picture of the shot you want and need to hit. The best way to do this is by standing behind the ball and looking at the line and visualizing the shot.visualizing your shot

Next you want to go and set up at your golf ball, with the line or picture you just visualized still in your head and just by thinking about nothing else but the line hit the ball. You don’t want to think too much about all the mechanics and techniques that you have been practicing on the range, you will rely on muscle memory and if you have practiced the shots that you should time after time on the range, you will hit the swing plane and the perfect golf swing. This is what we call playing and practicing harder and smarter.


Let’s see, we went through a couple of things to work on to get the perfect golf swing. We covered the practice trainer aids for your swing plane is a great teaching aid that will truly help you along your way to getting the perfect golf swing. When practicing on the range it is best to work harder and smarter on every practice swing that you take. The range is a place to build on your skills by doing some drills that will help with the technical parts of golf and then when you get to the course your muscle memory will take over if you have done the work.

If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please do below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day and

Keep Golfing,







10 Replies to “About The Perfect Golf Swing”

  1. Thanks Bobbi, great article. I used to play golf and I had no idea I could adjust my swing plane or at least I didn’t know it was called that. Your paragraph on how to play well on the course reminded me of an author, William Whitecloud that described how he worked with a professional golf player on learning how to let go of all the technique on the course and to visualise and play in flow in the book, ‘The Magician’s Way’ or something to that affect, which you explained. Very helpful thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the comment and I am glad that you liked the article and got something out of it. Most people don’t know what a swing plane is, but it is important to find yours and then work on it. It works, visualizing your shot is something that I do with every shot, even your putter. It works for me, so don’t fix something that isn’t broken, Right. Anyway thanks again for the comment, very much appreciated.

  2. Hi Bobbi,

    I certainly need to start practicing the invaluable tips here as I made a complete (pick a word) of myself in the local gold course.

    My cousin asked me if I wanted to go golfing with him. I did not want to but I thought I’d give it a go! 5 HOURS later and 4 missing golf balls (because of me) I was exhausted and my back in pieces.

    So embarrassing and excruciating. I need to go by myself somewhere, with these tips in mind, and practice – so next time – I can shock my cousin haha.

    Golf if not as easy as it looks.

    Great article and I will definitely be back for more as I want to learn more.

    Thanks Bobbi.



    1. That’s great Philip, I am glad that you enjoyed it. The best place to practice is on the range, I did not even get out and play on the golf course until I had my swing down enough to play. This took a while if I remember right about 3 or 4 months. Anyway if you need help with anything, you know where I am, look me up, be glad to help. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Bobbi,

    Great article. I love the tips to practice at home. I don’t get to go out on the golf course much so practicing without having to dish out some money really helps. Thanks.

    1. Awesome Eddie, I do the same thing, but my reasons are mainly because of the weather. I do however have more golf at home drills if you check out previous posts and I am writing another post that has a couple of drills for long irons, some you can do from home that will be good for you, please come back and check it out. Thank you for the comment and if you ever need anything, please let me know and I will try and get it for you.

  4. This is a very informative article on how to achieve the perfect golf swing. I’ve watched golf on TV on many different occasions but I’ve never played it before I guess that’s because I never actually learned how to play. You stated that the swing plane is going to be different for everyone, I never knew that. How long have you been playing golf?

    1. Hi WMP and thanks for the comment, the swing plane is different and mainly because of the size (height) of each individual. If you find your Arc, you will find your golf plane. Thanks for the question, I have been playing golf for over 35 years and have been in golf leagues for about as long. I am also registered with the LPGA. I hope that I have answered your question and if you have anything else you want to know about, just let me know.

  5. Hello Bobbi, thanks for another great post. I will most definitely need to work on my golf swings once I start golfing soon. That live view golf camera is something I will need to purchase for my golf practices.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ahmad, it is quite the camera to practice your swing plane and to find your perfect swing for you. I am glad you stopped by and if you need anything, just let me know.

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